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2018-08-15 / Police Blotter

Mail carrier reports short woman attacked her twice

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Aug. 6

• Officers responded to a Delaware Avenue address for the report that a woman had driven her blue Chevrolet Equinox into the building. The responding officer reported no injuries.

• A Hiler Avenue resident reported that a man with brownish-gray hair dressed all in blue was sitting on her porch and didn’t know who he was. The responding officer identified the man, advised him, and sent him on his way.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

• Police responded to the corner of McKinley and Myron avenues for the report of a road rage incident between the driver of a Ford F-150 and a Scion. The responding officer made contact with the driver of the truck, who was advised to call police rather than deal with a reckless driver on his own.

• Police responded to Victoria Boulevard after residents reported that a suspicious white Jeep was parked in the area. The responding officer observed a Jeep on the road upon arrival, whose occupants left the vehicle for a house upon seeing police.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

• Police received a report that three teenagers in a silver Suzuki Grand Vitara had screamed at a woman and her daughter, and were last seen heading east on Euclid Avenue. The responding officer conducted a search but could not find the vehicle.

• Officers responded to a store on Elmwood Avenue for an alarm activation, and observed someone inside. Police discovered it was an employee who was “having a hard time setting the alarm.”

Thursday, Aug. 9

• A Winchester Place resident called police to report that a woman nearby was sitting on the grass and “has been there for a while.” The woman told the responding officer that she was just resting.

• An Enola Avenue resident came to police headquarters claiming she had received a suspicious thank you note and $10 gift card for A Touch of Italy from a woman she did not know. She was advised to contact police if she receives any more notes.

• Residents of a home on Keller Avenue reported that a man visited them to look at a vehicle, threatened them with a gun, and fled the scene on a blue motorcycle. Responding officers were told the gun was never displayed, and could not locate the man.

Friday, Aug. 10

• Police and the Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department were called to a building on Delaware Avenue after a tenant said she smelled “smoke or burnt food.” Officers and firefighters confirmed there was burnt food in a nearby apartment.

• A Girard Boulevard resident called police to report that there was “some type of animal stuck in his window well.” After identifying the woodchuck, the responding officer told the resident to contact the SPCA.

• Security staff at Kenmore Mercy Hospital notified police that a disorderly patient was attempting to discharge himself from the hospital with an IV still in his arm. The responding officer arrested the man, who had an outstanding warrant with Kenmore Police.

• A postal worker called police to report that she was being repeatedly assaulted by a short woman on West Hazeltine Avenue. The responding officer defused the situation, and the postal worker elected not to pursue charges for harassment. The postal worker called police back less than an hour later to report that she had been confronted again by the short woman. Police arrested her assailant, and charged her with disorderly conduct. The short woman allegedly continued her disorderly behavior on the drive back to police headquarters by punching the windows of the squad car.

Saturday, Aug. 11

• A Knowlton Avenue resident reported that he heard his dog bark and saw a bald man peering through his fence at the garden. He said he wasn’t sure what time he observed the man, but “it was still light outside.”

• Police received a report that a female employee of a NOCO Express on Delaware Avenue was being struck by a man outside the business. The responding officer observed that the incident was not a physical altercation but a verbal argument, and told the man to leave.

Sunday, Aug. 12

• An employee from a bar on Delwood Road near Delaware Avenue reported that a woman was urinating on the building. The responding officer advised the woman, and told her to head home.

• An officer out on patrol contacted animal control officers and asked them to follow up with a Kinsey Avenue resident, who was reportedly harboring “several cats” in her garage.

Total calls: 210

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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