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2018-01-17 / Front Page

iFitness helps students reach goals at Hoover


At the Jan. 9 Kenmore Tonawanda School Board meeting, Hoover Elementary School faculty and students presented information about iFitness, which uses technology in physical education to create dynamic classes for all fitness levels.

Throughout their three-week unit, the following technology was incorporated to provide students with a resource to improve fitness levels: screen and projector, iPads and iPad apps, such as iMovie.

Students started by participating in Fitness Monopoly to identify the components of health-related fitness. According to the presentation, the components include muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and body composition.

The students then used FitnessGram, a national comprehensive health-related and activity assessment.

Based on FitnessGram results, students selected a test to improve upon, identified the fitness component and listed exercises that would help them improve.

“We go through each component with them so they can understand what their outcomes are and walk them through the goal-setting process,” said physical education teacher Michelle Shea.

Apps on the iPad helped students keep track of their goals, keep lists and screen shot exercises, and students created iMovie fitness videos.

Also at the meeting, Superintendent Steve Bovino provided a brief update on strategic planning.

“At this point, we have facilitators assigned for the various task groups. They are at this point collecting members,” he said. “These task forces will look in-depth at our strategic attempts.”

Bovino noted that the attempts include mental health and wellness, technology and success for all students.

After ideas and plans are developed, the task groups will get back to the core team and then examine those.

Bovino added that progress is being made at the new community room, located at the Kenmore Middle School building, at 155 Delaware Road.

He said there are hopes that it will be ready for the next School Board meeting and updates will be provided.

For more information, visit www.ktufsd.org.

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