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2018-06-20 / Police Blotter

Resident reports movement in garage

Village of Kenmore

Monday, June 11

• A Westgate Road resident said her son is being harassed and threatened by unknown people over social media.

• An Argonne Drive resident reported that people are getting into her house and taking food and other things, and seem to know her schedule. Police said she seemed confused on the phone.

• A caller said he was walking his dog and there were small kids climbing on a fence and he is concerned that they may fall and get injured.

• A Westgate Road resident reported that her husband had turned her phone off and had possession of her car.

Tuesday, June 12

• A woman came to the Police Department with a note she received in the U.S. mail containing a derogatory statement directed at her.

• A Wabash Avenue resident said that while she was trying to sell an item on Facebook, a male user sent her a sexually-oriented video.

• A Mang Avenue resident reported that her vehicle was hit a few days ago and she believes it is a neighbor who struck it.

Wednesday, June 13

• A Parkwood Avenue resident reported that she is being harassed by the upstairs tenants banging on her door.

• A Knowlton Avenue resident said there is a package on her counter that she didn’t bring in.

• A caller reported a deer in her backyard that was alone and afraid. Police advised the resident that the deer poses no danger.

Thursday, June 14

• A Stillwell Avenue resident reported a man wandering up and down the middle of the street, looking for cigarette butts.

• A Tremaine Avenue resident reported a suspicious man who came to his door 10 to 15 minutes ago trying to sell children’s books.

• A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that someone keeps taking a portion of her gutter. She said it was replaced once and now has been taken again.

Friday, June 15

• A Victoria Boulevard resident reported movement in his garage and requested that patrols make sure no one was in there. Patrols checked the garage, and no one was inside.

• A Somerton Avenue resident said his son punched a hole in the wall and is arguing with him.

• A Courier Boulevard resident reported that his vehicle was keyed. Patrols reported that other cars on the street were keyed as well.

Saturday, June 16

• A caller reported a group of loud youths harassing passers-by on Delaware Avenue.

• A Parkwood Avenue resident said her neighbor is harassing her dog.

• A West Hazeltine Avenue resident reported a black male pit bull mix with no tags. The dog was transported to the West Seneca Animal Shelter.

Sunday, June 17

• A caller reported seeing a blonde female passed out in the bushes near a Delaware Avenue business.

• An East Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that he witnessed a man trying to break into his vehicle.

• Patrols received several reports of fireworks going off in the area. A Tremaine Avenue resident said he believes the fireworks were going off near a residence on West Hazeltine Avenue.

• A Washington Avenue resident reported that she just witnessed a hand-to-hand deal outside her house. She said the vehicle involved was a grayish Hyundai Tucson.

Total calls: 273

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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